Use cache to speed up clone from github and Provide services for developers(use git2.0+)

Chat and code generation based on large models
Get started quickly

Simply embed the cloned address in in the git clone command

Method 1 (replace url)

git clone

Method 2 (set git parameters)

git config --global url."".insteadOf https://

git clone

Method 3 (use cgit client)

cgit clone

Significant effect

The first clone needs to be cached on github, and later clones can be directly pulled from the cache

git clone

Cache acceleration

Cache github repository

Sync cache from github regularly

Speed ​​up commands like go get

Code hosting

Gogs-based repository technology managed code

Quickly mirror the repository from github

Easy to quickly browse the project code

Develop together

Just use git clone to generate a cache

The next time developers will use the cache

Extensive cache technology based on distributed github is being developed, so stay tuned